About Gear Garage

Welcome to the future of gear rental

Gear Garage is dedicated to connecting the growing community of South African freelancers, in one safe space. With us, you’re able to support your fellow creatives by renting out their gear, as well as make money by listing your own gear to be rented by others. It’s as easy as signing up, creating a profile and listing your gear.

In today’s fast paced world where time is money, we’ve made the rental process as quick and easy as possible. With all the tools you can think of housed conveniently under one roof. Thereby finding the perfect kit for your next project is only a few clicks away. Simply search for your desired items, decide on the price and location that best suits you. Then arrange pickup and drop off directly with the renter. Easy game!

The Steps We Take

For your concern

We care about our community and have therefore implemented a number of systems to ensure the safe handling and return of all gear rentals.

  • Proof of address and a certified copy of your ID is mandatory, and under certain circumstances an applicant may be subject to further background and credit checks.

  • We encourage all applicants to cover their listed gear items with comprehensive insurance. However, each transaction is also covered by a temporary lease agreement, making the hirer solely responsible for all theft, loss and damage to gear, or the excess on insurance (should the items be covered and paid out) to further ensure that all gear is safely returned in the same condition it was rented.

  • Each renter and rentee is encouraged to publically rate one another after each rental, to help build credibility and trust within the community.

We look forward to building a greener environment together. By renting each others exiting gear, you’re eliminating the need to buy and decreasing the carbon footprint of the film industry as a result.

Thanks for stopping by our garage, we look forward to housing your own toolbox, or supplying you with the tools you need!